Regarding the Wacom trade-in upgrade program, please see the following content:

After the customer completes the form, once the relevant information is checked for accuracy, colleagues from the online store will contact the relevant customers and provide a discount code for use.

The product serial number provided by the customer will be forwarded to Wacom Hong Kong for follow-up work.

There is no need to return the old product, just provide the product serial number (photo), and you can exchange for the discount amount of the specified product in the trade-in upgrade plan.

*The discount amount can only be used to purchase the following specified products in Wacom HK Estore (Aminazu).

  • PTH-660/K0 - Wacom Intuos Pro M
  • DTK-1660/K1 - Wacom Cintiq 16
  • DTH172K0C - Wacom Cintiq Pro 17
  • DTH227K0C + ACK64802KZ - Wacom Cintiq Pro 22 Stand Bundle
  • DTH271KOC + ACK-64801KZ - Wacom Cintiq Pro 27 stand Bundle

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